Broad spectrum of expertise

AMJ Hall Global helps protect the financial future of our clients by providing astute and well-researched investment solutions in mature and emerging markets. Our team of investment professionals offers a diverse range of investment skills covering a wide variety of financial activities that include wealth and fund management and securities trading. Team members possess deep and exhaustive knowledge of the many subtleties of today’s global financial markets.

AMJ Hall Global also boasts a sizable team of research specialists who are tasked with analyzing and rating the financial instruments and securities that our clients’ funds are committed to. We are also proud of our highly competent and proactive administrative divisions.

An honest and straightforward fee model

AMJ Hall Global employs a simple, clear compensation model to prevent any chance of conflict of interest with our clients. AMJ Hall Global clients pay a flat fee for our professional advice and guidance and for the administration of their accounts. We believe that this business model is fairer, more transparent and avoids the potential conflicts of interest that can arise when an adviser is remunerated through sales commissions.