Your personal privacy is very important to AMJ Hall Global. With this in mind, we have prepared this privacy policy to help you to understand how we gather, share, store and make use of your personal information.

Whenever we request personal information from you, we will identify the reasons for collecting it.

All personal information collected will be used exclusively for the purposes stated, unless we otherwise ask for and receive your permission for use in additional capacities or as required by applicable law.

AMJ Hall Global always collects personal information using lawful and fair means and with your full knowledge and consent.

We secure personal information using proprietary protocols employing technological solutions. Some of these solutions are provided by third party suppliers.

Personal information that must be retained over a long period is secured within protected storage facilities, some of which are operated by third party providers. These facilities protect data using strong and effective firewall technology and encryption algorithms.

AMJ Hall Global enforces a strict internal “need to know” policy regarding employee access to personal information. All employees who require access to your personal information have received additional training to ensure they understand how to preserve the privacy and security of this information and to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, duplication or modification.