We take care of it all

AMJ Hall Global is dedicated to providing medium and long-term asset growth and protection for our clients. To more effectively achieve this, we are best left to making decisions on when to buy or sell investments when we don’t have to trouble you for permission.

We believe this option offers several benefits to our clients. In particular, it frees them from having to make the myriad of complex day-to-day investment decisions that are more competently made by an experienced portfolio manager, leaving them free to pursue other activities. Furthermore, it also enables our portfolio managers to act quickly to take advantage of opportunities in the marketplace without first having to locate the client to secure permission.

AMJ Hall Global does not offer a non-discretionary investment management service.

Respecting your limits

The discretionary management service requires clients to grant AMJ Hall Global authority to buy or sell assets on their behalf. The various assets in a portfolio do not rise or fall in sync so it may be necessary to rebalance them from time to time to maintain the correct asset ratios.

AMJ Hall Global’s discretionary management service operates under a client-granted mandate that strictly regulates the level of investment risk harbored by any asset held in his/her portfolio. These are set according to clearly defined limits established during initial consultations with clients, wherein we will have identified their financial priorities and tolerance level for the risk inherent in investment.

AMJ Hall Global is contractually prohibited from taking on more risk than that agreed to by the client.

Furthering your interests

AMJ Hall Global designs investment portfolios that are personalized to the needs and long-term financial objectives of each client. Because AMJ Hall Global is not affiliated with any product providers, our clients can rest safe in the knowledge that each and every asset in their portfolio is there by virtue of its merits, not because we earn a commission or an emolument.

Managing risk

AMJ Hall Global is acutely aware of the importance of proper risk management as part of a well-designed investment strategy. Our risk mitigation process begins at the point of asset selection and continues as we assess the position and size of assets to provide optimal balance to a portfolio. Needless to say, AMJ Hall Global professionals continue to adhere to industry-recognized risk management procedures to limit exposure.