A transition with no surprises

AMJ Hall Global understands that ensuring your wealth is transferred smoothly into the right hands can be a technically and legally challenging task for many reasons. Inheritance laws at several levels create potential tax pitfalls that can be particularly tough to negotiate.

Add what can be complex family dynamics into the mix and it’s no wonder most people worry about how to handle things in the most considerate way.

AMJ Hall Global can ease the stress with estate and legacy planning guidance that works with you and any trusted advisors you appoint to expedite resolutions so there’s a minimum of distress later on.

Clients work with our professionals to:

  • Decide how they wish to bequeath their estate
  • Identify any special needs or potential problems
  • Understand the steps needed to shelter their estate from undue taxation
  • Ensure that survivors do not have to liquidate assets to satisfy tax liabilities
  • Exploit entirely legal strategies to hide assets in plain sight