Big goals require big plans

Every client has a unique set of priorities and that requires a tailor-made investment management strategy. Regardless of the overall objective, whether it be planning for children’s education or early retirement, starting a new business or bequeathing a sizable inheritance, proper planning is essential.

Getting a handle on the big financial picture can be a daunting task. AMJ Hall Global can help simplify the many complex financial issues clients face including investment portfolio management, income replacement, maintaining adequate levels of insurance and legacy planning.

We do this in a series of well-defined steps:

  • Regular consultations with clients

    AMJ Hall Global first schedules initial client consultations and regularly interacts with them to form a clear picture of their financial goals and to develop an effective strategy to achieve them.

  • Legacy assessment

    AMJ Hall Global’s financial planners review existing investments plus any insurance, tax or philanthropic commitments or any other relevant issues in order to determine their effects on a client’s investment strategy.

  • A proposal

    AMJ Hall Global then presents the client with a customized investment strategy proposal including a schedule for tracking and reporting its evolution over time.

  • Execution

    AMJ Hall Global’s professionals then roll up their sleeves and get to work on achieving the desired outcomes, buying and selling assets on the client’s behalf. In order to give the new strategy an even greater chance to be successful, we may recommend modifications to clients’ financial habits.

  • Ongoing oversight

    AMJ Hall Global carefully monitors the progress of the client’s portfolio, issuing regular status reports. If our investment professionals feel modifications are warranted, they notify the client.